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Natal Chart/Lifepath Readings

Natal Chart/Lifepath Readings

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*After purchase send your birthdate, birth time & birth location via Contact Us page with “Birth/Lifepath Reading” as the subject. Readings will be sent to your email within 7-14 days & Vyber’z have 40 days from purchase to send follow up questions via email or schedule consultation times for better understanding*

If you had the opportunity to take your very own unique birth date, birth time, birth location & have someone personally breakdown & explain to you your chart to help you grasp a better understanding of your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, personal development & growth would you not want to learn & know more about yourself? 

Astrology is very helpful when desiring to have a better & deeper understanding of self. In this reading I breakdown zodiac signs & how you are more than just your birth month zodiac, but to help you understand where each of the 12 zodiacs come into play in your personal chart, what each “house” represents & how you can use this reading for your self-love & self-growth journey in an easy to understand breakdown. 

Astrology has been used since ancient times & I’m sure it was also used in whatever choice of religion you choose to participate in. Astrology is a tool/resource that has been greatly overlooked in recent times, but it is a tool that I use constantly to better understand myself, the world around me & obtain deeper clarity to the path I’m on.

Natal Reading/Lifepath Benefits & What It Includes:

- North Node/South Node: Knowing the gifts/talents you were born with as well as challenges & lessons to learn. 

- Clarity of the zodiacs that are in your chart, the houses each zodiac is in & what it represents, as well as how each zodiac/house interpretation helps you to better understand your personality, struggles & unique path. 

- Vyber’z have the ability to send questions via email after reviewing their Birth chart interpretation to obtain better understanding, clarity, and insight. We work together for you to have the understanding & clarity you need. 

- Knowing & studying your chart will help you locate struggle points & challenges to transform them into strengths. We locate together disadvantages & find ways to transform them to personal advantages for self. 

- Having better understanding of personal relationships both romantic & platonic. Having understanding of home/domestic relationships, work relationships & gain better understanding of the world and people around you 

- We will locate together positive, holistic & beneficial options and life choices to help alleviate stress & negative factors. 

- Confidentiality with our interactions because I know how deep healing conversations can go and I take pride with helping others get to the core of who they are so that they can become their authentic self unapologetically. 

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