About The Brand

Welcome to our official Natural Vybz & Co. online store, now let's vibe!!! First let me introduce myself, I'm Tiffany Alisha, CEO & Co-mastermind behind this amazing product/brand.



Natural Vybz actually started in 2015, in Gastonia, North Carolina & we're so excited to finally announce that we're an official LLC Company since 2018 & we've established a secure marketplace to serve customers anywhere in the U.S. for a standard set shipping rate. Anyone interested in international shipping should contact us personally due to varying shipping rates & taxes. 

 Natural Vybz realize that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience & that while we're having this experience our bodies should be treated as our temples. In order to live our best life we have to be constantly aware of our lifestyle choices & make decisions that contributes the most loving & positive effects on our healing & overall well-being.

Everything on this planet has energy/vibration (Vybz), even the living plants, herbs & oils have an unique energy/vibe. Please read the  ingredient list & detailed blog post explaining the different frequency of each ingredient & how each was carefully chosen to help bring a specific aspect, which ultimately all ingredients come together to bring balance & well-being to the consumer.

There are levels to everything in life & even though our products focus on the hair/beard & skin aspect, we discuss many other various levels/aspects on our blog posts & social media outlets! So TAP in! 



Natural Vybz was created after I decided to transition from permed hair to my natural hair. At the time I was pregnant & some type of way came across valuable information that explained how something we take so lightly as getting our hair relaxed was actually causing physical & spiritual damage. During this time is when I begin to really think about the real why behind the reasoning of setting up a monthly appointment to get that white crack from my stylist. Not only did perms & many other products have chemicals that causes cancer, disease, hair loss, hormone imbalance, deficiencies & many other issues, but it was also damaging my hair “antennas” that specifically defy gravity in order to connect with the astral plane & the Most High. Why do you think certain people with long hair, long beards & Loc’s are the most spiritual & most connected?

So after learning that perms can enter your bloodstream & affect your unborn child, is when I drew the line & said enough was enough. Being natural or transitioning to natural is not the most beautiful process lol & it takes A LOT of self-love & self-confidence. The amount of products I tried for my new state of being & existence was tiresome & endless. I could not find a hair product that fit me, did what I needed it to do & promote healthy hair growth so I begin to dabble in the kitchen & eventually began creating my own products. On my Self-Love / Self-Healing journey I took a lot of time to self & focused on me & my future. Within that time I had a lot of time to research, experiment & discover new ways to create innovative products that are more helpful than harmful. I did not get the right formula on my first try, so it definitely took many long hours of trial, error & spending money to come up an effective & innovative hair, beard & skincare line. After using my own products & having family to use my products & hearing great feedback I decided to transition a hobby into a check while also having the pride & knowledge of making dope az products that helped my community! 

Of course I’m still learning things about self, about healing, about branding, about business & most importantly about life, but our mission here is to teach, guide, inspire, motivate, empower & help heal others, so that’s exactly what we’re here to do! Y’all buckle up your cyber cosmic seatbelts & enjoy your Vybz conscious cosmetics & your overall Vybz experience! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter & visit our social outlets for more greatness!