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Spiritual 1-on-1 Consultation | Personal Guidance Sessions

Spiritual 1-on-1 Consultation | Personal Guidance Sessions

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Discover transformative spiritual guidance with our personalized 1-on-1 consultation. Expert sessions tailored to your needs. Book now!

We're all spiritual beings having a human experience & sometimes you need someone to talk to that understands where you're coming from. Someone that will never judge you & will give you the opportunity to express yourself & let you be heard while also being able to offer assistance & solutions. Someone that is here to listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how eccentric & unique it may be. 

Life is all about the journey & of course on life's journey you will encounter both personal & spiritual development & changes. Each consultation will be unique in it's own way, but Tiffany Alisha/NV is here to take your hand & guide you on your journey through personal experience, intuitive readings, goal-setting, shadow work, energy healing, guided meditation, numerology &/or astrology, it all depends on the way Spirit is guided me to assist you. 🌟

  • All 1 on 1 consultations are conducted over the phone or Zoom (your preference) & are all CONFIDENTIAL.
  • The conversation last for either 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your selection. 
  • After you purchase your 1 on 1 please go to the "Contact Us" page & let me know what topics you would like to focus on during your consultation & what your goal is for the consultation. Also include full name, date of birth, as well as location of birth (city, state) & time of birth if you know it. If you don't know or have all this information please let me know so we can move forward accordingly. 
  • I will send a reminder email/message 15 minutes before our meeting time. 
  • After the consultation is complete I will send you any information on the items or things we discussed in order to deepen your understanding & connection. If we're on video I will be able to send you a copy of full video.
  • NV also provide 1 free follow up after consultation to check your progress. Follow up will be completed the same way the paid consultation was completed, either phone or video. 

Since helping others is one of my life purpose/calling, I look forward to speaking with you & providing my insights to help make your journey a little easier & more empowering for you, so don’t delay, book a session with me today & let me help you become the highest vibration of yourself ✨

****In order to obtain refund for cancelled services please send cancellation email to or send message via Contact Us page with Cancel Consultation in subject line within 24 hours of appointment to obtain full refund.****** 

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