Are You Blocking Your Own Blessings 🤔✨

Are You Blocking Your Own Blessings 🤔✨

Are you praying for things to change & it haven’t? 

What about doing everything in your power to manifest the happiness & life you want, but things still not happening for you?

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Well have you thought of the fact that you could be blocking yourself & blocking your own blessings? 🤔 

Is that even possible you ask? Why yes, it most definitely is! There is a such thing as being fearful of accomplishing your goals & being faced with the outcome! It is possible that old beliefs, experiences, thoughts, traumas, or fears can stand in between you & your most desired goals. So yes, it is possible to subconsciously, without your conscious awareness, block your own blessings. 


So What's Next?

So I decided to jot down 25 questions for the person who feels blocked & stagnant. You should take the time out of your day when you're least busy and can actually focus to answer the following questions honestly and in depth. Before I complete an exercise like this I make sure that I am in some place quiet, or accompanied by soft low playing high frequency music in the background, but without any physical distraction such as phones, tv, kids, etc.

Next I always like to set the tone & atmosphere by using Vybz Palo, Vybz 7 Chakra Sage or Vybz Cleanse My Space Spray to remove any negative, outdated or stagnant energy/thoughts/emotions/vibrations and to uplift myself with aromatherapy qualities from either products because they all have a distinct pleasant & uplifting smell to them. I like to keep up with all exercises, journaling or scripting with Vybz Daily Journal, so I can always reflect on topics, thoughts, feelings, and emotions all within one place. 

While answering these questions please give yourself time to think and really explore your mind on all levels. Sometimes you may even have to revisit a question because something else comes to mind for you to add. Be patient, kind, compassionate, honest, and open with yourself while you explore the questions and answers that present themselves to mind. You may not like every answer or thought because the questions can be very much trigger based and produce emotions that you may want to suppress or emotions that you are not use to or comfortable with expressing/feeling. Just remember that there is no right or wrong answer & there is no right or wrong emotion to feel or thought to have. Always remember "If You Can't Be Honest With Your Own Self, How Do You Expect For Honest People & Situations To Manifest Within Your Own Life".

Please also take the time to review what you wrote after you have completed this exercise in its entirety, because reviewing & revisiting can actually help to reprogram your old thoughts and overwrite the feeling of being fearful & the things you may not consciously know that’s standing in your way. So let’s sit down in an undisturbed place & get busy!


1. Why do you want to accomplish this particular goal & why is it important to you to accomplish this goal?

2. What would accomplishing this goal do for you & your loved ones? 

3. What would you gain by accomplishing this goal? (Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally)

4. What would you possibly lose out on by not attempting to accomplish this goal? 

5. What would change for you? (Physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally)

6. If I was to fail would I still be persistent with getting this goal accomplished?

7. What happens if I succeed? Would I be overwhelmed by all the success & recognition?

8. When you think about accomplishing this goal how do you think you will feel after you complete your goal? How can you embody this accomplishment/feeling as if it’s already happened? 

9. When you think of accomplishing this goal what do you vision/visualize? 

10. Are there any people, situations or habits that could be slowing you down from reaching your goal faster?

11. Do I fear failure, and if so, what is it about failure that scares me?

12. Am I worried about what others will think if I don't succeed? How does this affect my decisions?

13. Have I faced past failures or rejections that are impacting my confidence now?

14. Do I have a fear of success? Am I anxious about the responsibilities and changes success might bring?

15. Am I concerned about stepping out of my comfort zone and facing the unknown?

16. Do I struggle with perfectionism, and does it paralyze me from taking action?

17. Have I identified any limiting beliefs about my skills, talents, or potential?

18. Do I fear financial instability or insecurity if I pursue this goal?

19. Is my fear rooted in a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem?

20. Can I recall a time when I successfully faced a fear or obstacle? What did I learn from that experience?

21. Am I avoiding risks because I don't want to lose what I currently have?

22. What is my vision of success, and is it in alignment with my values and desires?

23. How can I reframe my fears into motivating factors that drive me toward my goals instead of blocking me?

24. What are my greatest strengths and assets, and how can I leverage them to overcome my fears?

25. Have I sought support, guidance, or mentorship from others who have achieved similar goals?

I hope that you took the time out to answer all the questions so that you can unblock your circumstances and be able to accomplish every goal that you dream of accomplishing. Please also keep in mind that this is not an overnight accomplishment, this is a process & processes take time. If you would like some more insight or to discuss this exercise even more, please schedule a 1 time only free 10 minute consultation & we can speak openly, freely & non-judgmentally in a safe, sacred and confidential space.

Even having all the answers you may still have questions, or experience self doubt & just need someone to talk to or to listen to you. Throughout your process, still remember to have patience with yourself & keep in mind that since you now have the reasoning & the why behind your goals it will all begin to align & fall into place. Continue to be kind, patient, persistent & to strive for all the things you want in life because it’s all possible.

Please leave a comment & give us some feedback.

Peace & Blessingz ✨

Tiffany Alisha 

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