Your Thoughts Today Impact Your Actions Tomorrow

Your Thoughts Today Impact Your Actions Tomorrow

   Did you know that 95% of the thoughts we think today are the same thoughts we thought yesterday? This may be hard to believe, but statistics show that this statement is indeed true. When I first read this I was like this can’t be true, but after being mindful & aware of the thoughts that consumed my mind daily I really began to not only see how true this statement was, but feel how true it was as well. I begin to feel how these everyday thoughts altered my mood, my happiness & took up enough time & space to stop me from thinking of new ideas. When I started to pay more attention to my thoughts it was brought to my attention that my job, family, friends, emotions, along with a host of other things, triggered the same old thoughts to my new day. 

   Being aware of this made me want to write out my thoughts in a goal format so that I can conquer my everyday thought process in a more effective way. In a goal format I would now be able to reach my goals & manifest new thoughts/ideas/goals after accomplishing my old goals. I would also be able to note how much I’ve changed & how my environment/feelings have also changed. I also wanted to keep track & be aware of the new thoughts that had room to now enter my reality once I could physically see the leveling up I was doing. I think that everyone should participate in the same techniques, so that they can bring change & also see/feel it once it’s happening. Since we’re a tribe here & basically like family I’m going to share a thought that visit me the most frequent. 

   Going to work everyday, Monday thru Friday at 6 AM bought sooooooo many emotions & feelings of unhappiness. The feeling of being at work all day while doing what I felt like was busy work was not completing me or making me feel as if I was reaching my full potential. This was a thought I had everyday, morning to morning, until one day I decided to write it all down. Writing down my thoughts, triggers & emotions helped me to come up with ways to figure my dilemma’s out & in result will bring more happiness & personal fulfillment. The first idea that came to mind was that I just needed to find me a brand new job, but what type of job exactly? After thinking & thinking of what my next job could possibly be, I had an uricka moment. I figured it out! I figured out that it wasn’t a new job at all that I needed, but that I needed to co-create a lifestyle that I so desperately need in order to be completely and genuinely happy. 

   What does this mean exactly? Well how many of you are totally different in the work environment than you are at home or around other people and co-workers? I’m the same for the most part as far as my integrity, but my state of being, my mood & how I feel & interact with my coworkers can be totally different from the REAL ME. I noticed that changing jobs or even making more money would not make me feel like I’ve reached my highest potential, but having a lifestyle where I can be of service to others, be my complete self, speak my truth & be a positive example for my Sun while making funds to live comfortably is the real goal of personal fulfillment & my new bag. I began making natural products as not just a way to escape the corporate world, but as a way to assist others in a natural holistic lifestyle, while giving solutions to people’s problems & infusing my personal style & uniqueness into the mix as well. I have not yet crossed off one of my everyday thoughts off the list as of yet, but I’m super excited about doing so. Feel free to share one of your everyday thoughts that visit you the most & how you’re working on making a specific everyday thought a thought/thing & feeling of the past. I have more tips & techniques on this, so feel free to reach out if you need more direction or assistance. The best of wishes to you on your own personal self investing & self fulfilling journey. Peace & Luv 

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