Why Essential Oils??? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Why Essential Oils??? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Hello Vyberz!!!

     I hope everyone is vibin' to the most highest frequency you can possibly vibe to today. This is the second BlogTalk/GodTalk post & I'm still more excited than ever about my brand, my products & my life in general. Today on 06/29/2018, I will briefly break down the origin of essential oils & some little interesting facts behind E.O's & why I use them in my products. 

     Everything in the Universe give off energy, vibes & auras, even things that you may not even think or be aware of. For example, E.O's are conscious natural oils that are extracted from plants, flowers & trees. Anything with consciousness can give off energy/vibes/auras, hence the reason why I dubbed my natural products Conscious Cosmetics. E.O's have many various amounts of usage & with due time I will have products such as Kemet Shampoo, Jamican Honey Retwisting Gel, body oils, bath bombs & whipped body butters, which will all contain E.O's & other natural extracts. Subscribe to our website to be in the loop of upcoming product release dates, future vending locations,  discounts, giveaways, tips & much more. 

     E.O's is an aspect of therapeutic healing that many people are not aware of, but it has been around since the Ancient Egyptian era. They used the E.O's for many different reasons & guess what? Cosmetology/cosmetics was one that made the list & to this day its proven to be beneficial & useful. I will not get into the science of each specific oil that I use during this blog, but I'm sure that will be my next one, so stay intuned. 

     The reason I choose to use E.O's is mainly because of all of the known healing & therapeutic advantages they posses. It would have been extremely easy for me to create a product that was cheaper to make & that would smell like cotton candy & other artificial fragrance oils. Instead I choose to produce products from the heart that not only work effectively & do exactly what it was designed to do, but to also spread the vibration of Love, Positivity & Healing to people all across the world. I wanted to create a product to help the people, not harm the people. Theres already so much inauthenticity in the world, from the foods, beverages, cosmetics & other aspects of life, that I decided to bring back authenticity,  awareness, genuity, love & healing. Concepts that are lacking in this world & E.O's is how I make that happen while also making my products different while giving them substance, uniqueness & rawness. Concepts that people can't get everywhere, so when I say #CatchTheVybz,  I really feel that shit!

     I highly advise individuals to not just take my word for anything I say or any of the information I pass down. A wise individual doesn't take the words of anyone at face value, but instead listen & put their time & energy into researching the information themselves.  Once you initially research a topic you will naturally find other information to research & the cycle begins & hopefully  continues. Be a student of life forever, Peace & Love Vyberz!!!


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