What Does it Mean to Have a Holistic Lifestyle?

What Does it Mean to Have a Holistic Lifestyle?

Holistic Living?

What exactly is that and how does it tie into a natural conscious cosmetic and product line you ask?

Come on in & let me explain :)




Living holistically is all about taking care of yourself not only physically, by the things you drink, do & eat, but it also means to take care of yourself on a spiritual, emotional and mental level as well. To be a holistic or "whole" person you have to look at life and yourself on all 4 levels. I mean I get it, just taking care of yourself on a physical level seems like hard work as it is, that does includes watching what you eat, how much you eat, how much exercise you participate in, how much sleep you get, your physical environment, the type of products you use and much more. It's like the physical level has so many different chambers or aspects alone within itself. I would assume with all of the self discipline and hard work one puts into living an overall healthier lifestyle, a holistic lifestyle steps the bar by far and holistic living is a whole other world than just simply living healthy. I say that because being holistic is much more discipline, being aware, doing your own research, not falling into the lane of convenience and is an everyday mindful accomplishment. 



People who adapt to living a more healthier lifestyle are looked at as magnificent, self aware people who care about what they put into and on their Temples (bodies), while holistic people are way more centered & zoned in and focused on their overall life and lifestyle on more than one level. Its a thin line between what one would consume "healthy" VS what one would consume as "holistic".



For example, a well educated person can make the assumption that eating Spinach out of a can or fresh is healthy and will be a great nutritious meal all because that is what she/he were taught to believe. As a “Living Guide” and many years of research and learning from Master Teachers, such as Dr. Sebi, I would have to disagree with that well educated persons thoughts and beliefs. I know right, what!!!!!!!!! Like what could I possibly be thinking, like how is any form of Spinach not healthy to eat. Y'all think I must be crazy right? Yea I know, I know LOL, but I promise I'm sane, a little on the eccentric side, but sane all the same LOL. So yes I was taught all throughout my life that vegetables and fruits are ALL nutritious and beneficial for us and that we need to consume a wide variety of available fruits/vegetables in order to grow up healthy, big and strong. Well I must admit a lot of my learning/teaching did not come from my years at NCCU, Gaston College or UNCG, no ma'am & no sir! It actually came from many years of research and studying I picked up way after my college days. Just by my self taught studies alone I was catapulted into a different world and learned so much that it blew my mind, including how Spinach as well as any canned food is essentially "bad foods" and therefore should not be consumed on a regular basis, if at all. A lot of vegetables & some fruits are hybrids & contain no nutritional value.





Yes I know.

Well for my holistic people that follow the late great Dr. Sebi, this should not be a surprise at all, but for people who just learned this fact or even just now reading the name Dr. Sebi, buckle up my dear, life is about to turn into a whole twilight episode before you know it LOL. So I'm not going to get into everything right here at this very moment, but what I will share is that Spinach is a hybrid food that was created in a lab and that contains more starch and acid then anything else of benefit. As for canned foods, such as fruits, vegetables, soups, beans and etc, anything that is commercially canned normally contains all kinds of chemicals, toxins, high sodium levels, high sugar levels, fewer nutrients and un-natural preservatives to increase shelf life. Simply to live a healthier lifestyle you will consume what we were taught to be healthier foods, but to live a holistic lifestyle you would need to learn how to categorize food into 2 groups, acidic VS. alkaline. Sounds extremely simple, WRONG!!!!!!!! Many of the foods we thought to be healthy are actually foods with high levels of acid, which is not vital or beneficial for our natural alkaline/electrical bodies & yes my friends that also includes our normal go to of available fruits/vegetables. 



After reading the paragraph above about canned food as well as a favorite leafy green vegetable, one might think living holistic isn't even do-able. I get it, that was just one vegetable you learned about, can you imagine all the other foods that are titled as “foods,” but are really of no nutritious benefit for our Temples? You probably don't want to even imagine, like they say, ignorance is bliss and sometimes simply not knowing can save you a whole heap of time, research and pain. I have to be honest, living holistic is EXTREMELY challenging, but also EXTREMELY do-able. It does take time and patience with oneself. You really have to un-learn most of the things you were taught and that's not just about one of the physical aspects (food) but as I mentioned before its also about the different aspects on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. As you all should know, life isn't just one destination, nope, it's a marathon all the way up until you reach the state of existence of not earthly existing. I know that and I keep re-inventing myself as I go, and I have full rights backed up with 9 years of being self taught in this holistic arena. I'm not saying that I am perfect, but what I am saying is that I am finally at a level within self, to be able to co-create my own lifestyle/routines as well as be of assistance to others who would like to learn more about this path. I've experience the ups, the downs and the good and bad and have much much of experience to help guide, inspire and motivate others who would like to learn more. I'll be open to scheduling free 10 minute conversations/consultants with interested individuals and look forward to hearing from like minded and open minded interested peoples. Natural Vybz & Co. is still about providing natural conscious cosmetics to our community, but we're also about reaching higher levels and states of awareness/consciousness to be even better individuals. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Send emails to info@naturalvybz704.com or send questions from the Contact Us tab. 


Peace & Blessingz,

Tiffany Alisha 

 P.S: I also wanted to add the Dr. Sebi list of approved Alkaline foods, which as a Living Guide, I will be showing and giving recipes & additional info to assist a person who would like to slowly transition over to this Holistic world. Also please Google and Youtube some of this great holistic teachers works to get a better look and understanding. 

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