Welcome To Your New Reality

Welcome To Your New Reality

   When you begin to become aware that you’re starting to see & think from a different perspective, CONGRATULATIONS! All of your hard work has been noticed & you have just #LeveledUp. As your consciousness advances you will begin to see things in new ways/perspectives, just remain open & ready to enter into a new reality/realm. Be ready to disarm yourself of old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, baggage & even habits.

   We have to be open & understanding that everyone is not on the same level or have the same level of consciousness & that we have to be respectful of other individuals levels, beliefs, opinions & perspectives. Everyone was placed here on Planet Earth with different goals, paths, perspectives & consciousness, but one thing we should all have in common is the desire to expand our consciousness/awareness in this lifetime. The expansion of consciousness is beneficial on so many levels & will make a difference in the people, things, feelings & experiences we attract to ourselves. Are you a person that’s hoping for change, that’s tired of attracting the same type of people & relationships in your life over & over again? If so there are a few things you can do as a Co-Creator in your life to change the level you’re on right now at this moment. 

    First thing you can do is to realize what exactly it is that you keep attracting to yourself repeatedly. Accept & take responsibility that you too have a part in creating what appears in your life. Realize that everything is mental & that by changing your perspective/outlook on a situation you can in result heal & begin to attract better. Let’s say you’re a person that just graduated college with a degree in Nursing. You’ve always wanted to be a nurse & worked extremely hard to get to the point of completion & graduation. By you making the choice to become a nurse & committing yourself to the aspirations of making your childhood dream a reality & of course having all your experiences along the way, you now begin to adapt perspectives that only a “nurse” would have.

  You adopt the perspective that the healthcare field is always correct in their actions, ethics & protocols & then you begin to think on the same level as the westernized medical system  & completely disregard the teachings of African Holistic Healing, which as a person of color is our natural birth right. As a nurse you would see people of all backgrounds, but should find yourself relating to people specifically that looks similar to you. Then you may begin to pay close attention to how Dr’s diagnosis & treat us differently from other groups of people & then begin to feel that more people should go a more natural holistic way when it comes to our health & healing. Next you will find yourself thinking if indeed this was the right career for you & if you should continue this work/path of what you’ve always thought was correct or if you should put your career & old perspective aside & take the path of the unknown. Agreeing with your new train of thought & forgetting most of what you’ve been taught & following your higher voice of intuition will result in new experiences & new interactions in your reality. Not only will you be fearful of the fact that you’re leaving comfortability of your old level, but you’ll also be faced with resistance, tests & trials to make sure you’re devoted & committed to your growth & this new realm you’re entering. 

  Sometimes the fear of the unknown/unfamiliar & the judgement from your loved ones & friends  can hinder your evolution/growth because you realize that changing your current perspective will also change life as you know it. Wow! The power of changing your perspective is definitely life changing & extremely powerful. You can either be fearful of the power you possess, therefore remaining the same average mundane individual that’s trapped in the same state of consciousness, or you can reclaim your power, fight your fears, change your perspective, advance your consciousness & advance your level & state of enlightenment. The choice is really up to you! At some point & time you have to be willing TO change & welcoming OF change in order to evolve in this lifetime. Remember nothing really ever stays the same, we’re natural creatures of change & evolution. 

  Personally, with adequate thought & reflection I realize my perspectives were all wrong most of this lifetime. What’s crazy is that some of my perspectives wasn’t even my own, but came from my choice of career, my family, my friends, my classmates, coworkers & etc. I begin to first accept it all for what it was. I accepted the fact that I needed to be on those levels that I was once on for that particular reason & season. I forgave others & most importantly I forgave myself & began to create from a space of love. I sat myself down & started to identify with thoughts & beliefs that I knew for a fact were my own & went from there. I have accepted the challenge of evolution in such a judgmental world, which sometimes doesn’t seem to be to accepting of expansion of personal consciousness/growth. My perspectives on life now is that I am a beautiful balanced being that believe in holistic approaches & lifestyles & that no matter if the experience is labeled good or bad, I will seek the lesson & enjoy it either way because I know that God & the Universe is always working in my favor. I am accepting & welcoming the unknown & I’m comfortable in the fact that in life consciousness will forever be advancing & there will always be new levels to reach & new doors/opportunities will be unlocked & unblocked. Peace & love to you all & I hope you guys see the power of perspective & will no longer be fearful of walking the unfamiliar path to your destiny.

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