To Be Natural or Not To Be???

To Be Natural or Not To Be???

   That is a question that many women & even a percentage of men, find themselves asking now a days. Many are transitioning over to the Natural Side to return back to their natural roots & tossing aside chemical saturated relaxers/perms. Due to our programming of how society views natural hair, making the brave decision to be natural is not an easy choice & requires a lot of thought, self love 💕, acceptance, time, patience & dedication.


   As a child I use to beg for a relaxer. Like actually ask my grandmother on a daily basis if & when I could get one because back then I wanted to look like my friends & the girls that I seen on TV. I use to actually hate having kinky hair while the phrase “Nappy Headed” was very popular & at that time I viewed that phrase as an insult. Back then I was ignorant to all the chemicals that was used in products & all the cons of chemically treating my hair, but as an adult, mother & Queen I finally came to my senses & wanted to restore my natural state of existence. Being pregnant with my Sun & learning about how the chemicals from perms can get into my bloodstream & affect my unborn child also played a big role on my return back to Nappy 😊. 


   I consider myself an advocate for natural hair ✊🏾 & holistic living, so for anyone that is on the borderline of considering being natural again, I would ask, what are you waiting for? This indeed would be one of the greatest experience of your life. Many people believe that if they’re natural then weaves, wigs & protective styles is not allowed. We are limitless beings that are quite fond of change from time to time, so even tho I am the sister that grew her own crown & locked my hair I am not against other natural Queens wearing weaves & other protective styles from time to time. Sometimes many women find themselves doing this especially during the beginning of transitioning as they are becoming more comfortable of their natural appearance, because let’s be clear this is a very different experience & look. While transitioning if you do wear bundles & other protective styles that let your hair “relax/breath” that doesn’t discount the fact that you are a natural Sistar underneath.

   When going natural it’s VITAL to invest in natural products that are chemical/hormone free because in the long run it’s not only affecting your outward appearance, but also your overall health & well-being. A lot of commercial/store bought brands contain ingredients that are hard to pronounce & requires the assistance of our new bestfriend, Google, to find out what it is exactly. No matter what natural oils/herbs they may add to their products it only takes one unnatural chemical based ingredient to ruin the whole product. When choosing your natural products that best benefit your natural hair/beard & skin, it’s best to do your own research of the listed ingredients. 

   We are seeing more & more “African Americans” reverting back to their natural roots & doing a lot of self healing & self loving 🥰 & best believe I’m all here for it Sis/Bruh, it’s a beautiful thang 🤩 Not only are you making a statement for yourself, but your self love/self healing isn’t going unnoticed to the youth & it definitely encourages them to ditch the perm phase & to become more accepting of themselves. I’m so excited that more individuals are taking pride in their heritage, culture & overall mental/physical & spiritual health. Without chemicals you are actually giving your hair a chance to grow healthier, thicker, fuller & stronger, which gives your hair & yourself a chance to naturally flourish & thrive while being true to your authentic self. I’m glad we’re throwing away the stigma & western/europeanized concepts & embracing who we are naturally. What a time to be alive & to be NATURAL 🥳 Congratulations & best of wishes on your journey!

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