The Top 3 Distractions & Tips on how to Reduce Them!

The Top 3 Distractions & Tips on how to Reduce Them!

It's a known fact that we all have our moments where we are distracted from our goals, plans, and intentions. It's all apart of the human experience and being distracted is something we all can relate to. Now, how one eliminates or reduce distractions is totally up to that unique person, but I am here to bring some awareness as well as giving out some helpful tips to assist you on your journey  to reaching and accomplishing your goals. 



1. Being visually distracted: Meaning instead of you taking the time to visualize exactly what you want to accomplish, you lose sight of the vision and let distractions enter. 

2. Being physically distracted: Meaning instead of putting in the physical time and labor you get distracted and give your time and energy into feeding something besides feeding your goals.

3. Being mentally distracted: Meaning instead of thinking about the proper steps to take to help you reach your ultimate goal, your spending your time on thinking of other things that will not help you prosper and accomplish your dreams. 



1. Have a plan before you begin: Write down your ultimate goal that you wish to accomplish and take the time to strategize and to create a plan for it. Knowing what tasks you need to start and in what order can help you stay on your task of goal setting and reaching as well as cut back on losing time.

2. Set time limits on your goals: After you create the list of goals try to set aside a reasonable amount of time to accomplish each step in order to ultimately reach your goal. Having a set time limit or time frame can help you stay on the tasks at hand. 

3. Cut off your electronics: Putting down your electronics for a certain amount of time each day so that you can give your full attention to the things you need to complete, will help you eliminate majority of the distractions you receive. 

4. Mediate: Devoting time to the practice of meditation can help your mind to let go of distracting thoughts and teach you how to focus on one thing at a time. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to meditate and to focus on only one thing will help enhance your ability to tune out others as well as the world. 

5. Vision board: Creating and having a visual vision board with all the goals you wish to obtain can help your mind stay focus and in the long run help to keep you on task. Being able to physically see what you need and want to accomplish will help you stay motivated and determined to reach your goals.



Now that you are aware of the 3 major types of distractions and ways to help eliminate/reduce them I am hoping this "BlogTalkGodTalk" brings you assistance on your journey to reaching and accomplishing all of your short and long term goals. Being aware that you are being distracted and having ways to combat them can bring you closer to bringing your dreams to reality sooner. 



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