Greetings Vyber'z!!!

      I'm so grateful & thankful to be introducing the FIRST BLOG POST!!! It has really been a long time coming & this was not an easy route to get to where I am at now. I'm not where I want to be in life exactly, but the progress has been so real. It's been a journey full of both good & bad, but by me being who I am I can only be thankful for all three paths, the good, the bad & the balance. This has been a work in progress since about 2015 and here we are three years later, in 2018. Before introducing myself, I have to give Power & Gratitude to my Creators & my Beloved Ancestors, all known & unknown, Ase'!!! Without my Ancestral Culture playing it's role, I wouldn't be here today to give the world an imprint of my soul.
      The wait is over & here comes the part where I introduce self, the Co-Mastermind behind  The Natural Vybz & Co. Brand. Me & NV was both born in Gastonia, NC. My birth name is Tiffany Harper, but friends, family & now my new royal Vyber'z call me Tip. I'm a full time 9 - 5'er at the moment & a Momtrepreneur, so basically I'm Da Shit LOL. My social life does fall short from time to time, but the fulfillment & enjoyment I receive from being in the company of Self/Spirit & being aware of my creative energy fills that "Society Socialite" void completely. I haven't posted a pic of self on my website, but many of you are coming from my IG/FB pages, so you should already have an image of me & know some of my background without me sounding to redundant. Of course more will be unveiled layer by layer the more I get into my blogs & the more I know my Vyber'z, so please don't be shy to interact with me.
      I'm a vessel that is filled with light, darkness, love & even ego, that has been put on this planet during this time to bring balance, healing & the most valuable component missing here, LOVE. I know many of you are thinking, how can she be filled with both light & darkness, both love & ego? Simple, it's only due to me being a balanced being that has learned how to acknowledge & be thankful for the duality that is easily giving to a Gemini Twin. The Gemini energy alone represents twins, two, duality & opposites.
      I am the type of person that sees & understand the necessity for good/bad, building/destruction, sowing/harvest, after all I'm one & intuned with the G.O.D energy & highest source. The acronym means Generate, Operate, Destroy then repeat the cycle/process. We all can relate to that process if we took the time to reflect & analyze our lives. We've all got that creative spark to create or begin something new, operate or learn the new relationship, then once that dims or fades into oblivion/destruction we then have to reflect on the experiences/lessons we took from the previous relationship & find ways to implement that into bigger & better once a new cycle or creative sparks finds its way to us.
      So after learning from my past lessons, arisen from the smoke & ashes of my past failures here I am introducing my new creative spark, Natural Vybz & Co. The Creator decided to use me as a vessel, assisting me along my journey to get to where I'm blessed to be now. It's so easy to receive a dope ass idea/message & go messing with your blessing in search of riches & fame instead of being silent, obident & trusting Spirit to continue working in your life the way it has been leading/guiding you all along. Even after all I've learned in this lifetime, I was so close to messing up my blessing, but instead of messing it up in ignorance, this time it would have been in full & complete awareness, which would have been ME causing complete havoc & destruction over my season & life.
   A wise Elder once said that the Source/Spirit gives us messages & instead of delivering the message man tries to twist & distort the information to fit him & the masses. Instead of twisting the message around, man should twist his mind & everything he has been taught in order to be used as a vessel & to spread the message of God to the masses. I too was about to be that silly ol' ordinary mundane man because I was scared at what society may think & say about my products, lifestyle & views. I must admit that I was in search of PROFIT & was about to lose the blessings of God & my Ancestors with the click of a button. Instead of acknowledging Spirit & being thankful, I was foolishly about to sleep on Spirit, readvise what I was told in order to compliment self/masses & take all the glory behind this innovative idea/product. It was either PROFIT or PROPHET, & by me even giving you all these details I'm sure you can tell which path I took. Instead of me searching for an outside source/person, I know that I co-exist with the Higher Power here inside my bodily temple & we work together in complete harmony/unison & that in itself is a blessing.
      We all have been in a situation where it was Profit Vs. Prophet, & depending on your sensitivity to awareness you may have acknowledged the situation or was ignorant to what was even taking place within your life. I by all means cannot tell a person what to do & what choices they should make or even judge them for their actions. I can only give my experience & advise others on how myself & Spirit would go about the situation to result in the higher good of self & community. Since this is only the first post & it's filled with so many jewels & confessions LOL I don't want it to be to long & exaggerant where Vyber'z don't pay attention or miss something. So just take this post & let it marinate awhile & feel free to drop a comment below or to my inboxes.  I'll go into more spiritual details, product details, product release dates, hair/beard tips, giveaways & much more as I get more familiar with this whole blogging tool.
      Remember that my multiple inboxes are always open for feedback, advice, questions or to share an experience both hair/product related or more on a personal deeper level. If I'm willing to be as open & share apart of me to the world without being fearful of socities judgemental opinions, then you should trust yourself in knowing that I'm a judgefree zone & nothing is to outlandish/crazy for me, as some might know I call myself #DaWeirdoLioness LOL. Y'all stay in y'all magic & don't get lost in the sauce, until next time,  Peace Vyber'z!

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