From Hair to Crownz!

From Hair to Crownz!

 Hey Vyber'z, 

It's been a while since I wrote a BlogTalk/GodTalk post, but here I am, back at it again *Yella Beezy Voice* LOL. I hope everyone is doing great out there & that everyone is staying safe out there in this cold world. While staying out the way & browsing my IG newsfeed I came across this video (which I posted below) speaking about two of my favorite combination of words, Crowns & Hair.

If you're not yet use to the lango in our Vybz Community, don't stress it, you will catch on to it sooner than later I'm sure. So for a quick break down here we view our bodies as Templez & our hair as Crownz. Our Crownz are one of the physical connections that we have to connect us to higher perspectives, higher dimensions & higher knowledge. Our hair/Crownz are literally antennas that tune our vibrations/Vybz to a frequency that allows us to receive and download messages/thoughts. I know this maybe a lot to take in for some, but this is just how I view & look at things & I'm here to speak from my personal experience & to share the knowledge that I am blessed enough to share with you all in hopes that it resonates with some. 


So, since you have a little background information on how important & vital our hair really is then you will understand how vital it is for us to be in tune with our natural selves & to be able to wear our natural hair without manipulation to satisfy others. We need to learn how to be true to ourselves & how to take back our power & the say so of how we choose & like to wear our natural hair. What was once looked at as just hair, is in fact the Crown that adorns you on a daily basis & the type of products you use is what turns your hair  from average to ROYALTY.  What are your thoughts about this video?


Peace & Blessingz!!!!


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