Everything Has Vibration/Vybz

Everything Has Vibration/Vybz

I want to thank everyone for being so patient with us & our business as we continue this spiritual path of evolution, transition & renewal. The past few months have been very testing on all levels, but I’m still standing & still growing day by day. Right now I choose to stay on topic & not get into what’s going on at the moment, but again thanks for the patience & compassion. I believe in Divine Timing, so I feel that in due time everything I’ve been thru along my journey will be explained more in detail via this BlogTalk/GodTalk, but today I really want to speak about vibrations/InnerG/Vybz & frequency.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts & follow any of my social media’s (IG: @Naturalvybz704/ Levelup28052/Prettyhustle704) then you will have a better innerstanding of Vybz/Vibrations/InnerG & Frequency. Everything give off Vybz, no matter what it is, moving or non moving. A lot of friends/family/followers ask about the meaning of certain words I use & once they have a better understanding the next question is, how do they raise their personal vibrations.


Raising your vibration is basically the process of leaving behind things, situations, people & habits that no longer serve your greater good & vibin on a frequency where you & your higher self (God) are one. Meaning, you do, eat, hear & absorb things internally/externally that benefits your growth & longevity on all levels. There are many things that a person can do that may raise their vibrations, such as the food they eat, the type of media they entertain, the amount of sunlight they absorb, the thoughts they allow themselves to think & most importantly, the type of products they use on their skin/hair & body.


Thats right! The products we use definitely effects our vibrations. Due to Natural Vybz & Co. using high quality, natural, therapeutic ingredients, with regular use of our products we guarantee to help assist with raising personal vibrations/frequencies & bringing results & clarity. So you can not only grow your hair/beard & assist with skin conditions, dandruff, itching & a host of other issues, but also help raise your vibrations at the same damn time. When you invest in better food & products you’re also making the investment in self. Listed below are some of the carrier/base oils that we use often along with some of the signature vybz/frequency that it give off & releases to the receivers of the world. We couldn’t list all the ingredients or all the characteristics of each ingredient due to time, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them, enjoy! 


*Grapeseed Oil is a moisturizer & conditioning lightweight oil that assist with split ends, dry, frizzy & brittle hair. Acts as a natural preservative that helps with dandruff, flaky scalp & hair loss all the while promoting the growth of healthy hair & rejuvenated skin cells. Metaphysically this oil is derived from grapes, which is said to be a food of the Gods. This oil is ruled by the Moon & water elements & increase new ideas/concepts, mental abilities & adundance. 


*Jojoba Oil is a deep deep conditioning type of oil that has the ability to remove residue & sebum from scalp while providing cooling affects. Jojoba oil locks in nutrients & lock out pollutants of any kind. Conditions hair to make it look shiny, smooth & deeply cleansed. Has the ability to fight against bacterial/fungal issues while dealing with Moon/water healing/cleansing & love innerG.


*Olive Oil is associated with wealthy, health, success, peace, protection & joy. Ruled by the Sun & fire elements. Olive oil is considered a powerhouse component when it comes to healthier/stronger/thicker hair. Has been used to soften & untangle hair while keeping it healthy & protected. This oil penetrates the shaft better than any other oil & improves elasticity with skin & relieves skin from dryness/itch. 


*Avocado oil already has biotin naturally infused, along with other antioxidants, minerals, vitamins & essential fatty acids. Assist with unclogging blocked hair follicles & easily penetrates & hydrates hair/skin without giving it a heavy oily feel. This is the only oil that naturally has all the vitamins/minerals/biotin etc that our body requires already infused. This oil is ruled by Venus/water & deals with love, fertility of ideas, groundness, beauty, business  & manifestation of money & wealth.   


*Coconut oil prevents hair breakage & naturally detangles hair/beard. Ruled by Moon/water & assist in purification, cleansing, healing, positivity, love & protection. Since cleansing & purification is tied into this oil, this is really a go to oil for skin because it lightly hydrates, unclog pores, cleanse skin & remove bacteria, fungus & makeup. Also is associated with strengthening your personal self confidence. 


*Black Castor Oil is ruled by Mars/fire, deals with strengthening hair & improves the thickness & texture of hair/beards. Also deals with protection, absorbing & diminishing of negativity. Fight fungus, great for wound healing & used as an anti-inflammatory. This oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids that is essential for promoting hair growth. 

 Peace, Love & Grat Vyber’z 

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