Conscious Music = Conscious Vybz

Conscious Music = Conscious Vybz

Hello my beautiful Vyberz!!!

If you've been following me & my social media pages then you will be aware of what I been up to lately..... BLOGGING!!! Blogging, bringing awareness to my brand/products & spreading love/knowledge. Hopefully by now you all know a little more about me & what I'm about, but if not let me catch you up to what's been up. I've posted on my social media that I would love for my followers to send interesting topics that I can give my input on & blog about. Thanks to one of my followers, they stimulated conversation, my mind & my BlogTalk/GodTalk. The topic they decided to throw at me has absolutely have to be one of my most favorite things is the world besides balance, love & knowledge. Yep, you guessed it, music.

Music just has a way of making you feel down, up, happy, sad, angry, hopeful, optimistic & many many other feelings. Since majority of my followers are "Woke/Conscious," consciousness is a term that you're going to probably hear on every Blog Talk/God Talk post. Hopefully you too are a person that's coming into your Conscioushood & is beginning to awaken to & become aware of energy, vibes, intuition, frequency & synchronicity that takes place on a daily basis. If not it's cool, just tag along for the ride & I'm sure your mental will soon become stimulated & your consciousness will be activated.

But now to this conscious music topic. Let's be clear every artist you hear on the radio right now is not, I repeat IS NOT CONSCIOUS. Now a days anyone can be on a billboard chart with a catchy beat, hook & dance. Don't get me wrong I do listen to the radio here & there & sometimes I do catch myself dancing to a catchy beat, but once the artist starts expressing themselves with their choice of words, they usually lose me. When you love wordplay & art is your whole being, creativity & lyricism is highly important to me. Unfortunately, its becoming easier & easier for people to get on the radio or throw a song together with no skill, substance or meaning.

I admire the creativity, thought & message that artist choose when creating music & most importantly I love the way music feels & all the thoughts/emotions it invokes within. Music has the power to spark creativity in others, the power of transferring the artists energy/feelings/perspective to the listener & the power to heal/activate DNA & Chakra points within a person. Music has more power & influence then some individuals give credit or have knowledge of. Music is creativity/love & due to its effects on the Conscious & Subconscious mind, choosing music for you & your loved ones should be a conscious decision that people should apply more thought to.

So, to get to the point of this post & to answer my followers question, here's my Top pick of "Indie/Conscious" lyricist with dope wordplay that make the listener feel/visualize their story & the reason as to why I like them. Each artist listed is very aware & intuned with themselves, their spirituality & their energy. They are all educated in many different ways/areas of the world & spirit. They all are artists that spread positive vybz/messages/images while expressing themselves with no regret. Each artist uplift & empowers Melinated beings & bring acknowledgment of the Christ energy, truth & life to everyone that listens. Each craftsman has their own unique background, style, lifestyle & deliverance & each throws a vibe that will be remembered not only by me, but by my DNA. Music has the ability to control the listener & to give off certain energy, so let's be conscious of what we listen to & what the artist is actually saying. I've listed the names of some of my top artists & also put their YouTube name beside their names so that you can take the time to Catch Their Vybz. (They are listed in no specific order)


*Dockta Dre: D33ply Root3d TV

*3D Na'Tee: 3D Na'Tee

*Brother SHAWT: Brother SHAWT

*Dub Dollaz: Dub Dollaz

*TQWUDITDU: Yung Hulageen

*Cambatta: Cambatta

*Sa-Roc: Sa-Roc

*Dee1: Dee1music

*CreepyBadWitch: Creepy Bad Witch

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