Ancestral Full Moon 2022

Ancestral Full Moon 2022

Hi Vyber’z,

It’s been awhile but I’m back at it 😁

I must admit, I really do miss writing & sharing ideas & thoughts with you all, but honestly speaking this business building & growing isn’t for the weak at heart or weak at mind & it takes up a lot of time. I do plan to write more & to create more within this new year!


But let’s get to the topic at hand. Today is a very special day & you can sense that by the Vybz in the air. For one it snowed this weekend & it’s absolutely beautiful in N.C right now. Secondly it’s MLK birthday/holiday & thirdly it’s a Full Moon Cycle 🌕.

Whats so special about a full moon you ask. Well Full Moons represents releasing & letting go. During planetary times like this it is very important & vital to take note of the things, relationships, people, feelings, emotions, habits, attachments & situations that you no longer want to be apart of your life or that you would like to release, let go & move on from. 

The main topic of this Full Moon on January 17th, 2022 for ME, personally, is letting go of habits that do not serve my highest good or purpose & that distracts me from reaching my full potential. We don’t have the power to control everything, but we do have the power to control what we consume & who we interact with as well as the thoughts we have 💭. 

Another thing that we cannot control is certain traumas we’ve experienced growing up or certain feelings/thoughts, beliefs, traditions & mental/spiritual traumas that were past down to us unbeknownst. We’re a traumatized collective & that’s been for generations after generations. We do have the blessing & protection of our Ancestors, but unfortunately we also carry the wounds, perceptions & unhealed trauma of our ancestors as well. This day forward we need to openly & confidently speak affirmations of releasing old traumas & healing generational hurt & breaking generational curses & pain. 

Have you ever noticed that some of the same issues or problems some of your closest relatives & loved ones experienced, you could possibly be experiencing the same issues yourself to a certain extent? I’ve noticed that about my own self & instead of taking the philosophy of “it’s in my blood” or “my family suffer the same addictions so my addiction is hereditary” I decided to consciously heal myself, heal my thought patterns & in return heal the mindset & programming of generations to come in & outside of my own personal linage, but I know that it all starts with SELF first.

So tonight & from tonight moving forward, consciously take a moment of silence to think about what it is you want to let go & to consciously put out there that you’re here to heal & to break generational curses. Put into the Universe or speak to God, however you want to say it, but let it be know that you are letting go of past hurt, past issues & past traumas & will focus on consciously living your best life & doing things to be your best person! 

Peace & Blessingz 🖤


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