All Ingredients Are Not The Same

All Ingredients Are Not The Same

You don’t look at the ingredients when you purchase your products?

I hope for you & your family sake you do.

Why am I so mindful of what ingredients are listed? Because all ingredients are not the same and some are more beneficial than harmful and I like to know if what I’m buying is benefiting or harming me. 

Well when it comes to products that use Essential Oils Vs Synthetic Fragrance Oils than I’m winning in that department because mostly all the products I use on a daily basis contain powerful Essential Oils as their ingredients ❤️

I want to benefit people more than anything so that’s why I chose my ingredients so wisely & made the decision to use Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils & y’all will be thanking me for doing such after using our products. At first the decision was a hard one but once I researched & seen all the benefits that came from Essential Oils the choice really became a no brainer 🧠

Take a look at the benefits of E.O’s  


Now research if you find any benefits of using Synthetic Fragrance oils besides the fact that it’s scents last longer & its scent are possibly more appealing to customers. If you find another benefit to fragrance oils drop me a comment below, I’m curious as to what you’ll find!

Also here’s a list of some of our Natural Vybz products that uses Essential Oils & has all of its benefits. Get you some products that will benefit you & your loved ones instead of products that only smell good since it has synthetic fragrances. 

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