6 Steps To Breaking Limited Beliefs

6 Steps To Breaking Limited Beliefs

   Limiting beliefs are unconscious thoughts which normally presents itself in the form of a thought or state of mind that you falsely believe is the absolute truth, which in turn prevents you from doing certain things you would like to do and from reaching your full potential. We are normally unaware that we are even thinking such limiting, restricting, and fear based thoughts, let alone the reason as to WHY we're thinking these limiting beliefs which are limiting our true potential in the first place. In all actuality limiting beliefs will usually present themselves as a defense mechanisms, which are unconsciously and subconsciously psychological strategies used to protect a person from fear, anxiety, frustrations, failures, and disappointing thoughts and feelings. The transformational thing behind holistic self-healing is finally getting to the root of the problem that is causing such discomfort and what's making your defense mechanisms spring into action. 

   Limiting beliefs can stem from your own personal beliefs, which are experiences due to real life experiences that you lived through which lead you to develop certain mental blocks and fears. For example, speaking from a personal experience, I was once in a nursing program to become an LPN and would later have the thought process of one day becoming a RN, but once I failed my LPN finals by two measly points 🙄 and was later blocked in other ways from re-entering the program I came to the conclusion, via my experience that nursing, helping, and healing people was no longer my calling. Of course I may have tried harder to pursue my "then" career choice of nursing, but I began to start creating limiting beliefs that actually deterred me from fulfilling a passion of mine, but thankfully I wised up and found other routes of fulfilling my passions of helping and healing others. 

   Some people can create limiting beliefs because of hereditary experiences and thinking. Meaning we could have taken a limiting belief that was passed down generations through generations or seen/heard one of our close loved ones express their limiting belief every chance they got, and over the years by them repeating their beliefs it could have passed down to us unconsciously. You can now carry the belief that you're not good enough or that you should chose a specific career choice only due to you repeatedly hearing your loved one express their belief to you and now you have adopted their way of thinking and limitations. 

No matter how you developed your thinking patterns and limited beliefs here are 6 steps that helped to guide me back on track of being able to reach my full untapped potential and I hope this may also help someone on their journey as well 🤗


6 Ways To Break Free & Reach Your Full Potential

1. Identify what your limiting belief is.

It takes a lot of courage to first realize that you are limiting yourself and holding yourself back by what you're thinking and secondly to have the courage to actually sit down with yourself, dissect and figure out what thoughts are you actually thinking and which one is limiting your growth. 

2. Recognize it's just a belief, and beliefs can always change or alter. 

Beliefs are normally something you started thinking at a young age and it has just latched on and followed you throughout your years of living. Beliefs are not always facts or 100% accurate, but instead are concepts, ideas, and thoughts that we carry with us due to someone else telling us, from an unpleasant experience, or from seeing a person that was close to you going through their own experience which could have possibly rubbed off onto you. The amazing thing about beliefs is that they can alway change or be altered. 

3. Challenge yourself and your own beliefs. 

Once you have realized what belief specifically is holding you back then you have the opportunity and power to challenge yourself and your old way of thinking. Not saying that challenges are easy and that you will automatically succeed at whatever you're attempting to do the first time, that's definitely not what I'm saying. We have to realize that life is a process and a journey and we don't always succeed on the first try, but the fact that you realize the root problem and that you're strong enough to challenge your beliefs is powerful within itself. Challenging yourself and beliefs can open the door for new possibilities to enter into your life and even help to direct you along your path to better horizons. 

4. Recognize the damaging consequences if you never recognize your limiting belief or challenge yourself. 

If you were to never wake up and realize that it is actually you and your thinking patterns that are limiting you or never decide to wake up and challenge your old ways of thinking you will always remain in a stagnant place with no growth. We're all spiritual beings having a human experience and the human experience is actually to grow and develop ourselves on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. If you're happy and content with never questioning the way you think or where some of your beliefs originated from then you will never be able to grow, spread your wings, and reach new heights. 

5. Adopt new beliefs and put in the practice and work. 

It's very important that after you recognize your limiting beliefs, you acknowledge them, sit with them for a moment, release them, adopt new positive and encouraging beliefs to take the place of the old one's and to actually practice living life with the new beliefs in place. Using the example from earlier of how I adopted the limiting belief that I would never become a nurse in this lifetime or help others in a professional and healthy living type of way, I acknowledged that idea, sat with it for awhile, thought about the core of what I loved doing and kept what mattered to me the most when choosing a new career path, adopted a new belief that I could still be a nurse, healer, helper and blend in healthy living concepts/topics, but not actually be a "RN" or "LPN" and then I made it work. No I am not an "accredited" nurse that actually graduated from a University, but I researched and read about a lot of people who went an alternate route and even taught themselves and became very successful in their professions of choice. I realized I can still do the fundamental and basics of what I would have been doing as a nurse, such as helping, caring, assisting people on their healing/treatment pathways, guiding, teaching, healing, and much much more, but it wasn't until after I dropped my own personal limiting belief and co-created with The Most High my own purpose, path, and responsibility on this Earth. No I'm not doing what I had envisioned and thought I would be doing as a child, but I am still happily fulfilling my true calling and purpose after removing the blocks I created myself unconsciously. 

6. Regular self talk and self awareness

No you're not done after you adopt new beliefs and put in the work of implementing them into your everyday life. The final and one of the most important steps is to not slip back into your old way of thinking. Even if you were to adopt a new belief and it may possibly backfire as a real life experience and emotions which will have you questioning everything and the whole process, trust me I know because I'm speaking from experience, but that is not your sign to give up. The Most High/Universe will definitely test you after you adopt your new beliefs just to test and see if you really actually believe what you're telling yourself and to also see if you're really willing to stand up and stand on what your new belief is. Not run at the first sign of disappointment, hey not even the 5th or 10th sign of disappointment. If you're really for real about your new beliefs and thoughts, and really want to see a change in your life then you have to be willing to be tested, it doesn't always come easy. During those trying time I encourage you to cleanse your space by using Vybz Cleanse My Space Spray or clear your mind with aromatherapy tools such as Vybz Intentional Palo Stick or Vybz 7 Chakra Sage while talking to yourself in a positive way, thinking in a positive way, envision what you want your new beliefs to do for you in your life, think about what changes you want your new beliefs to bring, script/journal in your Vybz Journal what affirmations, your old to new beliefs, and write down the changes your new beliefs will have. Always stay self-aware and know that this is a process/journey and that it will take time and a strong belief system to make your dreams crystalize in the physical plane.

So, for anyone out there who feels stagnant, lost, unfulfilled and limited, I ask that you start with thinking about your thoughts and how you feel about yourself first. From there revisit these steps and actually put them to work so that you too can find yourself, develop, grow, and with work and practice eventually transition into the person of your wildest dreams. A belief that I hope you will adopt is that anything is possible and that you can make anything happen, but first you have to believe in yourself. 

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Peace & Blessingz 

Tiffany Alisha 


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